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What are the benefits of maca root? Maca root comes from Peru and is a common cooking ingredient in that region. Maca root may have a range of health benefits, especially for endurance and sexual health. In this article, we look at the evidence behind these claims, as well as whether there
Medical News Today | 3 hours, 50 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
How do you boost testosterone naturally? Testosterone is a male sex hormone. Low levels can cause changes to the distribution of body fat and muscle strength. Testosterone reduces with age, but people can boost it with lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise. Adequate sleep, nutritional s
Medical News Today | 5 hours, 50 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Could beef jerky contribute to manic episodes? Researchers have found that beef jerky and other processed meats may play a role in triggering manic episodes. But why would that happen?
Medical News Today | 6 hours, 50 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Do omega-3 supplements really benefit the heart? A major systematic review of clinical trials led by independent researchers finds 'little to no' evidence that omega-3 capsules benefit heart health.
Medical News Today | 7 hours, 50 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
What does it mean when your poop is stringy? Poop changes, depending on what a person eats, and can sometimes look stringy. Both serious and mild conditions that affect the bowels can cause stringy poop. Medical treatment depends on the underlying cause while poop may change naturally once a person
Medical News Today | 8 hours, 50 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Natural treatments for postpartum swelling The body usually retains some extra water after pregnancy has ended. This extra water weight, or edema, can cause puffiness known as postpartum swelling. Various natural treatments and home remedies can reduce postpartum swelling, including staying hydrat
Medical News Today | 10 hours, 50 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Concerns raised over prebiotic and probiotic safety Probiotics and prebiotics are becoming ever more popular. A new study asks whether we know enough about the safety of these new interventions.
Medical News Today | 11 hours, 50 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Hot pepper compound may reduce obesity A new trial in rodents finds that capsaicin, the compound that makes hot peppers hot, can lead to long-term weight loss and better metabolic health.
Medical News Today | 14 hours, 50 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
How do you know if you have pernicious anemia? Pernicious anemia is a condition where there is a lack of red blood cells. A vitamin B-12 deficiency causes it when the body is unable to absorb this nutrient effectively. Tiredness, shortness of breath, slow reflexes, and pale skin are among the symptoms
Medical News Today | Jul 17, 2018 8:00 PM [GMT] | comment? | recommend
Large study reviews the cardiovascular benefits of walnuts The results of a meta-review of 25 years worth of research on the cardiovascular effects of nuts are in: a walnut-enriched diet keeps your heart healthy.
Medical News Today | Jul 17, 2018 10:00 AM [GMT] | comment? | recommend