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A day to remember a different kind of conflict ours with the natural world There were two anniversaries on Monday September 1st. Both are momentous, but in completely different ways. It was the 75th anniversary of Hitlers invasion of Poland in 1939, which began the Second World War, and also the 100th anniversary of the death of
The Independent | 17 hours, 51 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
And so the Great British Railway Rake-Off rolls on | Aditya Chakrabortty Network Rails 34bn debt has helped private companies to make huge profits. And now were ordered to pick up the billCongratulations, dear reader! As of this morning, you have racked up an extra £539 in debt. No, you havent just bought a new wardrobe.
The Guardian | 18 hours, 10 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
A Founder Left Behind By The Left by Dish Staff Christian Parenti advises liberals to look to Alexander Hamilton for inspiration, not Thomas Jefferson. He especially praises Hamilton for his far-reaching economic insights: Hamilton was alone among the founding fathers in understanding tha
Andrew Sullivan | 18 hours, 16 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Flatsharing with strangers as an adult is doomed - with or without a 'contract' A data company has teamed up with housing campaigners Generation Rent to produce a guide to flatsharing. Titled The Housemates Guide to Happiness, it aims to help people navigate through common flatsharing issues, including guests, pets, cleaning and comm
The Independent | 18 hours, 42 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Fractions for five-year-olds? Piece of cake | Rob Eastaway The new maths curriculum may scare some people but we shouldnt underestimate childrens capacity for arithmeticWhats 1,652 divided by 28? In a couple of years time, your 10-year-old will be expected to work this out without a calculator. And as a reward th
The Guardian | 18 hours, 54 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Virgils Aeneid has travelled with me through life | Charlotte Higgins This epic poem is a wonderful tool to think and feel with. It even hassomething of the uncanny about itThere was no thunderbolt of understanding; no flash of enlightenment. My first reading, as a teenager, brought me painfully through only a tiny fr
The Guardian | 19 hours ago | comment? | recommend
The Wedgwood Museum is an ode to Britains industrial past we must save it | Tristram Hunt The collection is an inspiration for young ceramicists as well as a compelling account of industrial, social and design historyI have often wishd I had saved a single specimen of all the new articles I have made, and would now give twenty times the origin
The Guardian | 19 hours, 52 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Slight Is Right? by Dish Staff Research suggests that people are willing to pay a premium to support small businesses: In one experiment, the researchers gave subjects a $5-off coupon upon entering a local bookstore. Some of the coupons had short blurbs explaining that th
Andrew Sullivan | 19 hours, 58 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Tip Your WaitressesWaiters by Dish Staff Roberto Ferdman flags a report that finds a significant gender wage gap in the restaurant industry, even when tips are accounted for: The median hourly wage paid to women is less than it is for men in all but one of the eleven jobs surveyed
Andrew Sullivan | 19 hours, 58 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
I was raped at university. Afterwards, the Police pressured me into dropping charges. Why? Former judge Mary Jane Mowats recent comments about rape convictions are outrageous. Rape conviction statistics will not improve until women stop getting so drunk, she said this week. To me however, they are also personal.
The Independent | 20 hours, 14 minutes ago | comment? | recommend