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Photo from Mail Online
The mini incubator that could halve cost of IVF: 'Champagne cork' device may give thousands of women chance of motherhood A new way of incubating embryos inside a champagne cork-like device instead of expensive incubators could halve the cost of IVF, doctors claim.
Mail Online | 8 hours, 7 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Science Daily
NASA Webb's heart survives deep freeze test After 116 days of being subjected to extremely frigid temperatures like that in space, the heart of the James Webb Space Telescope, the Integrated Science Instrument Module and its sensitive instruments, emerged unscathed from the thermal vacuum chamber a
Science Daily | 8 hours, 28 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Science Daily
New feather findings get scientists in a flap Scientists have revealed that feather shafts are made of a multi-layered fibrous composite material, much like carbon fiber, which allows the feather to bend and twist to cope with the stresses of flight. Since their appearance over 150 million years ago,
Science Daily | 8 hours, 29 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Mail Online
Do YOU want to drive a rover on the moon? 22 year old US student reveals plan to put virtual reality rover on the lunar surface and let anyone control The Carnegie Mellon project would allow anyone to experience the lunar surface by donning an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.
Mail Online | 9 hours, 7 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Mail Online
Magic Leap raises $542m from Google and others for its 'cinematic reality' system Google is leading a $542m investment in Magic Leap, which claims to have invented a realistic version of virtual and augmented reality, dubbed 'cinematic reality'.
Mail Online | 9 hours, 9 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Slumbering lions win top photo prize A black and white image of lions resting on a rock outcrop in the Serengeti has won the 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.
BBC News | 9 hours, 11 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Physics reveals how nature sparkles Researchers reveal that the same physical mechanism is behind many of nature's most dazzling shines.
BBC News | 9 hours, 20 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Fiber Optics In Antarctica Will Monitor Ice Sheet Melting sciencehabit writes: Earth is rapidly being wired with fiber-optic cables — inexpensive, flexible strands of silicon dioxide that have revolutionized telecommunications. They've already crisscrossed the planet's oceans, linking every continent but o
Slashdot | 9 hours, 30 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Hawaii scientists return to ocean for weapon study University of Hawaii scientists plan to embark on a final expedition to deep waters off Oahu to study how chemical weapons dumped in the ocean decades ago are affecting seawater, marine life and sediment. ...
Yahoo! News | 9 hours, 32 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Mail Online
Justin Bieber could be good for your CAREER. Pop music speeds up work, study claims The research, undertaken by Brighton-based Mindlab International, found that 88 per cent of participants produced their most accurate work when listening to music.
Mail Online | 9 hours, 32 minutes ago | comment? | recommend