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Before we set up colonies on Mars, we need to discuss renaming its moons | Fortunato Salazar Keeping Phobos and Deimos, which means fear and terror, implies its totally cool to demonize our neighbor in the skyIn the last five months, Mars has become a whole lot more like us. We have flowing water; Mars has flowing water. We have underground water
The Guardian | 9 hours, 44 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
The Paris climate summit is a real test of humanity The best and worst in our natures are rising to meet a critical point in our history, but there is no cause for despairThis morning I visited the place de la Republique, in many ways the beating heart of Paris. Its where people here chose to place their m
The Guardian | 10 hours, 9 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
The scientists whose garden unlocked the secret to good health When Anne Bikl and David Montgomery fed their failing soil with organic matter, they were astonished by the results. Stimulating the microbes that live beneath the surface led the garden to flourish. Then, when Bikl was diagnosed with cancer, the couple h
The Guardian | 11 hours, 44 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
When a country is not official, just a state of mind Imagine living somewhere that no one else recognised. Nick Middleton reveals why some nations dont existThe head of the local flower growers co-operative, Giorgio Carbone, was a placid figure with a big black beard. He grew mimosa flowers and lived in a s
The Guardian | 12 hours, 14 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Would you choose a definite 500 or a possible million quid? Take this simple Observer quiz to find out whether you like to take risks or prefer to err on the side of cautionAre you a risk seeker? Do you know when to hold em, when to fold em and when to walk away? What would you choose if offered £500 for sur
The Guardian | 12 hours, 14 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Tim Flannery: leaders now understand need to cut emissions 'hard and fast' Climate scientist says the world has come a long way since the failed Copenhagen climate conference and now accepts the urgency of tackling rising temperaturesThe world has come late to realising the potential devastation of climate change, Prof Tim Flann
The Guardian | 13 hours, 10 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Shipwrecks at risk from fishing bulldozers A marine archaeologist warns urgent action is needed to stop heavy modern fishing nets obliterating important historic artefactsThey are some of the countrys greatest untouched treasures, having lain undisturbed on the seabed, in some cases for centuries.
The Guardian | 13 hours, 14 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Climate change protests across Australia tens of thousands march Tens of thousands of Sydney protesters call for a focus on the cost of climate change to Pacific Islands, while an unusually high turnout marches in CanberraClimate change rallies rolled on across Australia on Sunday, following well attended protests in M
The Guardian | 13 hours, 40 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Hong Kong's 'pink' dolphins under threat from airport and Macau bridge Conservationists fear Hong Kongs unique dolphins are at risk of disappearing due to loss of habitat and pollution from two major construction projects Conservationists have warned that projects to expand Hong Kongs airport and build a new bridge to Macau
The Guardian | 14 hours, 20 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
2 Planets Can Share the Same Orbit, In 3 Different Ways StartsWithABang writes: One of the most important characteristics of a planet, at least according to the IAU definition, is that it clear its orbit of all other bodies. But if we allowed for a special caveat — the possibility of two similarly-sized
Slashdot | 14 hours, 32 minutes ago | comment? | recommend