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Mountain-Size Asteroid Makes Close Flyby of Earth A mountain-size asteroid buzzed Earth Monday morning (Jan. 26) in a close encounter that's already revealing new information about the space rock, including an improved measurement of its size and the confirmation of at least one moon. Asteroid 2004
Yahoo! News | 6 hours, 8 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from New York Times
Observatory: Cleaning Up Water by Running It Through Dirt Storm runoff can be toxic to aquatic life, but a study suggests that filtering the water through dirt before it enters streams, rivers or the ocean is a solution.
New York Times | 6 hours, 9 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Global Health: Hold the Drug, Go Straight to the Source The ground-up plants from which the anti-malaria drug artemisinin is derived appear to work better that the drug itself, new research shows.
New York Times | 6 hours, 14 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Yahoo! News
Commercial space rides for U.S. astronauts to save millions: NASA By Irene Klotz CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla (Reuters) - The U.S. space program should save more than $12 million a seat flying astronauts to and from the International Space Station on commercial space taxis rather than aboard Russian capsules, the NASA program ma
Yahoo! News | 6 hours, 15 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Mail Online
Which president can YOU see? Optical illusion tricks the brain into perceiving different faces in the same image While both these images are the same, the optical illusion causes one to appear as though its George Bush and the other to look like Bill Clinton. The illusion was created by the University of Leicester.
Mail Online | 7 hours, 1 minute ago | comment? | recommend
Virgin Galactic Dumps Scaled Composites For Spaceship Two PvtVoid writes Virgin Galactic, following an aggressive schedule to build a replacement for the Spaceship Two which crashed in October, is doing so without partner Scaled Composites, according to the Los Angeles Times. Kevin Mickey, the president of Scale
Slashdot | 7 hours, 10 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Science Daily
Engineering self-assembling amyloid fibers Nature has many examples of self-assembly, and bioengineers are interested in copying these systems to create useful new materials or devices. Amyloid proteins, for example, can self-assemble into the tangled plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease --
Science Daily | 7 hours, 18 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
On-Off Thirst Switch Found in Mouse Brain By targeting specific neuron groups, the scientists could make the animals drink even if they weren't thirsty.
MSNBC | 7 hours, 22 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Shoes vs barefoot: The myth of the normal foot The average Western foot is deformed by shoes. If you ditch them, will your feet bounce back or are you simply asking for trouble? (full text available to subscribers) | 7 hours, 23 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Tossing Out Food In The Trash? In Seattle, You'll Be Fined For That Seattle is the first city in the nation to fine people for not properly sorting their garbage. The law took effect on Jan. 1 as a bid to keep food out of landfills and encourage composting instead. | 7 hours, 29 minutes ago | comment? | recommend