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Photo from New York Times
Q&A: The Case of the Missing Horseshoe Crabs Harvesting pressure and habitat loss have contributed to a population decline in New York and around the Northeast over all.
New York Times | 8 hours, 49 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Mail Online
NASA inspector blasts asteroid protection program Nasa's effort to identify potentially dangerous space rocks has taken a hit from inspectors.
Mail Online | 8 hours, 57 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from New York Times
Time Travel: Quasicrystals and the Whimsy of Nature A puzzling form of solid matter once regarded as impossible comes into view.
New York Times | 9 hours ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Yahoo! News
Southwest's Earthquake Spike Linked to Injection Wells A dramatic increase in earthquakes in a small region of New Mexico and Colorado was triggered by the underground disposal of wastewater, according to a new study from the U.S. The series of quakes includes Colorado's largest shaker since 1967 the mag
Yahoo! News | 9 hours, 5 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
NASA's hunt for dangerous asteroids falls short, report shows By Irene Klotz CAPE CANAVERAL Fla. (Reuters) - NASA won't meet a congressionally ordered goal to find 90 percent of nearby and potentially dangerous asteroids larger than 460 feet (140 meters) in diameter, the agencys Inspector General said on Monday. The
Yahoo! News | 9 hours, 13 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Mail Online
Moral outrage really does leave a bad taste in the mouth: Researchers say being offended can dramatically change our appetite Canadian researchers have found that people were less likely to drink if they have been offended.
Mail Online | 9 hours, 44 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Mail Online
Samsung reveals SGR-1 robot sentry set to keep an eye on North Korea The machine-gun wielding robots, built by Samsung, have heat and motion detectors to identify potential targets more than 2 miles away in the Demilitarised Zone.
Mail Online | 9 hours, 51 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Try Kegel Exercises for Urinary Incontinence, New Guidelines Say Kegel exercises, bladder training and, in some cases, weight loss are effective ways to treat urinary incontinence in women, and should be tried before the use of drug treatments, according to new recommendations. Urinary incontinence, or the involuntary
Yahoo! News | 10 hours, 18 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Mail Online
We can regenerate! Researchers reveal our ribs regrow if damaged - and say the same could be true for our entire skeleton California researchers analysed the capabilities in mice after spotting a human subject who was able to regrow part of a rib.
Mail Online | 10 hours, 21 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from The Guardian
Landing on a comet: animation of Rosetta's mission - video An animation of the European Space Agency's upcoming mission to land the first ever spacecraft on a comet. The billion Euro Rosetta probe will drop its 100kg robotic lander, Philae, onto the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on 11 November. Roset
The Guardian | 10 hours, 23 minutes ago | comment? | recommend