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Photo from Science Daily
How lizards regenerate their tails: Researchers discover genetic 'recipe' By understanding the secret of how lizards regenerate their tails, researchers may be able to develop ways to stimulate the regeneration of limbs in humans. Now, a team of researchers is one step closer to solving that mystery. The scientists have discove
Science Daily | 13 hours, 26 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Science Daily
Severing nerves may shrink stomach cancers: Botox injections slow growth of stomach tumors in mice Nerves may play a critical role in stomach cancer growth and that blocking nerve signals using surgery or Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) could be an effective treatment for the disease. Stomach cancer is the fourth-leading type of cancer and the second-highes
Science Daily | 13 hours, 26 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from MSNBC
Astronaut Snaps Stunning Photos of Aurora from Space NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman is adding to his collection of amazing images taken his special vantage point 150 miles above Earth.
MSNBC | 13 hours, 30 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Mail Online
Russia's 'Star City' where cosmonauts have trained for 50 years Photographer Mitch Karunaratne has taken rare photos (Sokol space suit shown) of Russia's Star City. The facility is located deep in a forest about 30 miles (48 km) from Moscow.
Mail Online | 13 hours, 32 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Why the Current Mass Extinction Matters We seem indifferent to the mass extinction we're causing, yet we lose a part of ourselves when another animal dies out. | 13 hours, 42 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Microbes Discovered in Subglacial Antarctic Lake May Hint at Life in Space Biologists have discovered microbes thriving in a subglacial Antarctic lake that could be a model for life on distant worlds. | 13 hours, 42 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Neanderthals Died Out 10,000 Years Earlier Than Thought, With Help From Modern Humans Neanderthals and modern people overlapped in mosaic fashion for thousands of years, improved dating reveals. | 13 hours, 42 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Successful Marburg Virus Treatment Offers Hope for Ebola Patients An experimental therapy showed success in monkeys with Marburg virus, offering hope for new treatments for related Ebola virus. | 13 hours, 42 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Mail Online
Listen to your heart: Tiny electric shocks to your EAR could boost cardiac health and even treat heart failure British researchers found tickling your ears with a pain-relieving machine can improve heart health.
Mail Online | 14 hours, 13 minutes ago | comment? | recommend
Photo from Yahoo! News
Real Paleo Diet: Ancient Humans Ate Snails Hundreds of burnt snail shells were found near fireplaces along with tools and other animal remains in rock shelters along a cliff in Spain. The snails probably didn't make up a calorically significant part of these Paleolithic people's diet, bu
Yahoo! News | 14 hours, 36 minutes ago | comment? | recommend