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Here is some more free speech for you.

Mr Mohamad,
Your death is approaching. Do you know allah? If you look in your heart, do you see allah there? When you look around, do you see only allah everywhere you look? No? Then you have wasted 95 years bumping your forehead against the ground. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a member of the cult of islam who doesn't know allah to enter paradise after death.

But you are not alone. If the people who heard the koran from mohammed's own lips had practised diligently and piously the instructions they heard from then until today, they would still not know allah. Why? Because mohammed was a false prophet, and so the koran is a false scripture, and cannot guide a person to know allah.

Is there truth in the koran? Yes, but it is as if a large cauldron filled with falsity had a cup of truth poured into it. If someone already knows the Truth (knows allah), then they can easily separate the true from the false in the koran, but for ordinary people it is impossible.

So if members of the cult of islam had a guide who knew allah, they could use the koran, taking only the truth, and leaving the false. But I have watched and read the presentations of many imams, mullahs, ayatollahs, muftis, and almost every one was blind as a bat. If the blind leadeth the blind, then both shall fall into the ditch. The only knowers of allah I encountered were ancient sufis. Unfortunately, the orthodox purged the true sufis from the cult of islam. The members of the cult who call themselves sufis today are only pretend sufis, like actors in a play; they do not know allah.

It is sad that 1.5 billion people follow a false religion, a religion that can never allow them to know allah, and the freedom that brings. It isn't all bad, though, because the cult of islam serves as a giant soother for them. When they fear their coming death, when they desire comfort for their suffering, they turn to the cult of islam and console themselves with the thought that they will go to paradise after they die. As I mentioned above, that is not going to happen, but just the thought of it gets them through the hard times.

Is the cult of islam the only religion that fails to lead people to knowledge of the Truth (of allah)? No, but it is the only one that contains such spiritual harm within it. To consider killing as an act of worship, as the cult does, is a travesty of religion. Like swallowing spiritual poison. comment on Muslims 'have the right to kill millions of French people', Malaysia's former PM says 13 hours, 52 minutes ago
Tightening security is the wrong move. All it will lead to is security fatigue. The cult of islam jihadis win.

Instead, put a head tax on the temples of the slavers. When the cult members go to Friday prayers, they pay to enter the mosque, and that money pays for the security to contain their hatred. Call it the jizya, a name that members of the cult are familiar with, and understand.

Long term, the only solution is to ban the cult of islam. As long as the cult of islam is allowed to exist, the hatred, the intolerance, the contempt, the incitement to violence, and the support for slavery that is in its scriptures, will continue to inspire members to become jihadis. Well, the cult of islam could agree to remove the hate, the intolerance, the contempt, the incitement to violence, and the support for slavery from their scriptures. Not likely, given their fanaticism. And there would be little left of the cult or its scriptures if they removed the hate, the intolerance, the contempt, the incitement to violence, and the support for slavery. Mohammed would have only a cameo, since he was full of hate, intolerance, contempt, incitement to violence, and support for slavery.

It is time to ban the cult in all civilized countries. It isn't possible to make a silk purse from a sow's ear. comment on Nice attack: Grief and anger in France after church stabbings 14 hours, 14 minutes ago
Any legal route should require that people who take it sign documents rejecting the cult of islam, and agreeing to be deported if they renege on the agreement.

All these people who flee the hellholes that the cult of islam creates, but still bring their destructive, dysfunctional cult with them are only destroying the islands of civilization they are striving to reach.

There is no place in civilized countries for the cult of islam. It is a curse upon muslims and a crime against humanity. The world would be a better place without it. comment on 'Maybe we will reach the UK or maybe we will die in the sea, say asylum seekers Oct 29, 2020 9:26 PM [GMT]
Turkey, Pakistan, and Malaysia volunteer to take in every member of the cult of islam in France, so that those members can 'live an Islamic lifestyle' and won't have to put up with speech 'insulting other people'.

A mass exodus of cult members ensues, flooding into the sharia paradises they have been offered.

"I'm just so glad to no longer suffer under human rights", one refugee proclaims.

Another says, "Finally, I can be as violent and intolerant as mohammed." comment on Nice terror attack: Politicians call for end to 'Islamo-fascism' Oct 29, 2020 7:17 PM [GMT]
Here's some free speech for you.

Members of the cult of islam loudly proclaim that the koran is 'perfect and unalterable'. They also proclaim that they worship allah as the only deity.
However, the koran they read is not the koran that allah revealed. What!! How can that be? It is not the koran that allah revealed because it is not in the order that allah revealed it. Do you think this does not matter? It certainly does.

An all knowing and all wise allah revealed the koran in the order that he felt would be the best. But members of the cult altered that revelation order into a corrupted version that they declare is 'perfect and unalterable'. In effect, even though their mouths declare their submission to allah, they dismiss him as unimportant, and treat him with contempt. Every time they say the altered, corrupt koran is 'perfect and unalterable', they effectively spit in allah's face. A fine submission that is! And a great strategy to win over the gatekeeper to paradise! comment on Muslims 'have the right to kill millions of French people', Malaysia's former PM says Oct 29, 2020 6:54 PM [GMT]
"... freedom of speech does not include 'insulting other people' ..."

Being allowed to 'insult other people' is precisely what freedom of speech means. Criticizing, contradicting, questioning, these are all free speech. By his definition, half of the koran would have to be excised because it insults those who are unchained by the cult of islam. Would he go along with that?

If people want to believe nonsense, that is their business. But I have no obligation to play along with their fantasies.

I think the real issue here is that Mr Mohamad, like the other prominent apologists for the cult of islam, knows that the cult of islam cannot stand up to critical scrutiny. It has so many contradictions and inconsistencies that any examination will reveal that mohammed was a false prophet, and thus that the koran is false scripture. That is why mohammed had his critics assassinated, and why he declared apostasy and blasphemy to be capital crimes. And that is precisely why islam is a cult; leaving or dissent are capital crimes.

Mr Mohamad, can a member of the cult of islam leave the cult without sanction or punishment in Malaysia? comment on Muslims 'have the right to kill millions of French people', Malaysia's former PM says Oct 29, 2020 6:29 PM [GMT]
The root cause? Too stupid to use birth control. Thus, their children grow up in poverty, with limited education and life prospects. Thus, in desperation they turn to crime, or migrate to the US where they are still too stupid to use birth control, and thus suffer the same outcomes.

As more and more refugees from failed states bring to the US their dysfunctional cultures that caused the failed states, will it destroy the US? Will it overwhelm the capacity of the US to integrate and re-educate them to civilized values? comment on Violent criminal groups are eroding Mexicos authority and claiming more territory Oct 29, 2020 6:17 PM [GMT]
The religion of hate strikes again.

In the koran, allah lauds members of the cult of islam who fight and kill those unchained by the cult. He calls them the truest members of the cult, and those he most honors. Further, he declares that if they are killed while fighting and killing those unchained by the cult, they will go immediately to his highest paradise, in spite of any transgressions against the cult. They could have raped babies, committed bestiality, had sex repeatedly with other mens' wives, lived by thieving, eaten pork and drank wine daily, pissed on the koran every day, called mohammed a syphilitic pustule on the penis of shaitan and all would still be forgiven.

This is the hate at the center of the cult of islam. Every member of the cult, from the moderate worshiper to the sociopathic killer, is aware of this hate, and aware that the allah they worship created this hate, and that the prophet they adulate fully embraced this hate. And yet, every Friday they go to their temple of the slavers and reconfirm their worship and adulation. comment on France terror attacks: Three killed in Nice, knifeman shot in Avignon Oct 29, 2020 5:55 PM [GMT]
"... It becomes more and more difficult to be a Muslim and live an Islamic lifestyle in western countries.”

This is a *good* thing, since an Islamic lifestyle is incompatible with the freedoms guaranteed in western countries, just as the cult of islam is antithetical to those freedoms. Mr Erdo-an is well aware of this, as he uses the power of his office to oppress his opponents by trampling on their human rights.

If the lawmakers of Western countries really understood the nature of the cult of islam, they would pass laws decertifying it as an official religion. They might even go so far as to ban it altogether, because of its teachings of hate, intolerance, contempt, and incitement to violence. comment on Macrons clash with Islam sends jolt through Frances long debate about secularism Oct 27, 2020 8:39 PM [GMT]
Mr Khan,

Our forebears fought for the rights we enjoy today for the last 1000 years; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of education, private property rights, the right to determine the laws we live under, etc. Where were members of the cult of islam during that fight? They were kissing the hand that held the chain around their neck, the hand denying them those rights, the hand of the cult. And they were working to literally and metaphorically enslave more people for the cult.

Today, those same members of the cult are fleeing the hellholes that the cult of islam creates when it is in control for the islands of civilization that the human rights and freedom won by those same forebears created. But do they embrace the freedom and reject their slavery? No! They want to put the chain of the cult around our neck, just like it is around their neck. No matter how the apologists for the cult, like you, bemoan and object to our defense of our freedom, we will not allow that to happen. comment on Islamophobic content on Facebook is to blame for a spike extremism, Pakistan PM says Oct 27, 2020 03:13 AM [GMT]

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