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Will it get as bad as the interference of the US intelligence agencies in the last US election? Including at Twitter.

Google did the same thing in China as Mr Musk did in Turkey (Turkiye?), before they left, in order to be allowed to remain. In the end, they saw the writing on the wall. comment by usgoosht on AOC warns Elon Musk is testing waters to interfere in 2024 election May 31, 2023 4:43 PM [GMT]
If the primaries were ranked voting, this would matter. But in a first past the post voting system, this only ensures that Mr Trump will emerge victorious.

It works like this: A has 35% support, B has 25% support, C has 20% support, and D has 20% support. If everyone who voted with their first choice for B, C, or D is opposed to A, then someone other than A would win in a ranked voting system, as their second choice would go to anyone but A, as would their third choice. But, in First Past The Post voting, A wins because he has a solid block of supporters greater than anyone else. Thus, even though 65% of voters don't want him as the candidate, A will win. comment by usgoosht on Chris Christie will reportedly announce 2024 presidential bid next week May 31, 2023 4:31 PM [GMT]
The continuing descent of the US into third world status. comment by usgoosht on Video shows mob attack US marines who asked them to stop lighting fireworks May 31, 2023 4:25 PM [GMT]
Within the cult of islam, sharia law allows parents and grandparents to kill children if they displease them, with no penalty. Usually this means religiously displease, but the wording is broader than that. It reads like they have absolute authority over the life and death of their children.

Thus, all the stories of siblings killing another sibling for 'honor' at the behest of their parents, and getting a slap on the wrist in cult of islam societies. comment by usgoosht on Mother who 'hacked son to death then ate part of his head' NOT mentally ill, prosecutors rule May 31, 2023 4:12 PM [GMT]
"Many of the women say they were coerced, tricked or forced into travelling to Syria by husbands who have since died."

The cult of islam teaches that lying to unbelievers is not a crime, as long as it furthers the cause of the cult of islam. It beggars belief that these women did not know exactly what they were agreeing to, given all the publicity surrounding the jihadi cult of islam. Far more likely that they thought they were doing the will of allah, their religious duty, and would be blessed by allah for their actions.

They should only be repatriated if they agree to leave the cult of islam, are deprogrammed, and never have any meaningful contact with the cult of islam again on pain of incarceration. If they are sincere in their regrets and apologies, they would happily reject the cult, and accept these conditions. comment by usgoosht on Australian child pleads with prime minister to be rescued from Syrian detention camp May 31, 2023 4:05 PM [GMT]
The question that needs to be asked is, "Has this child's mind been poisoned by the cult of islam?" There is a constant stream of examples of the hate, intolerance, and incitement to violence that the scriptures of the cult of islam contain and their effects on the followers of the cult.

Any repatriation should only be allowed if the child agrees to be deprogrammed, and have no contact with the cult of islam until he or she is an adult.

It isn't well known, but if a child is exposed to a different environment before puberty and after puberty, the outcome is different. When the brain is reorganized during puberty, those exposed before puberty have earlier values and beliefs trimmed in order to adapt to their new situation. Those after puberty retain the earlier values and beliefs, despite being in a different environment. This fact has major repercussions for their integration into their new society.

It is as if the child before puberty is concrete that hasn't set, and so can take a new shape, and the child after puberty has concrete that has already set in the old shape. comment by usgoosht on Australian child pleads with prime minister to be rescued from Syrian detention camp May 31, 2023 3:57 PM [GMT]
"... an allegation he denies."

But Mr Biden lies as naturally as he breathes. Add on top of that his mental deterioration, and all bets are off. He himself might not even remember, and thus know, and we'll probably never know. In that case the denial becomes the automatic response of every(?) politician accused of a crime. comment by usgoosht on Woman who accused Biden of sexual assault seeks Russian citizenship May 31, 2023 3:46 PM [GMT]
Yeah, yeah, outcry. Yet, when it was time to decide whether to retain Mr Ghebreyesus as director of WHO, they all voted for a man who had demonstrated his incompetence in his job during the pandemic, kowtowing to China, and has his lips firmly attached to the buttocks of Mr Xi.

Pure hypocrisy. I suppose it was a CYA action by all those leaders who responded to the pandemic incorrectly, and didn't want to admit *their* incompetence. comment by usgoosht on Outcry as World Health Organization locks out Taiwan under pressure from China May 23, 2023 3:28 PM [GMT]
Imagine the quantity of evidence if Wr Pelosi was indicted for her crimes. [1] She has confessed on TV that she is breaking the law, yet she faces no repercussions. This shows how toothless the laws forbidding trading on inside information by members of Congress are. I think that Congress cannot regulate itself, and that a panel of governors, say 11 [2], selected randomly from those who submit a desire to sit on such a panel, should decide whether criminal penalties should be administered to members of Congress, and also decide on whether salary increases or benefit increases are acceptable.

PS I also think that every governor should be able to appoint a senator that serves concurrently with their term of office, and only for their term of office.

1. Wr Pelosi's crimes are much worse, and have lasted much longer, than Wr Stewarts. Yet Wr Stewart went to prison, while Wr Pelosi continues to sit in Congress. What a travesty of justice!

2. Maybe it should be all of them, to avoid charges of cronyism or political favoritism. comment by usgoosht on Emails, Chat Logs, Code and a Notebook: The Mountain of FTX Evidence May 23, 2023 3:07 PM [GMT]
That the cult of islam is even given status as a religion with the hate, intolerance, and incitement to violence in its scriptures is a travesty. And let's not forget the explicit support for slavery, and the female apartheid. comment by usgoosht on New York truck attacker gets 10 life sentences plus 260 years May 18, 2023 3:15 PM [GMT]

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