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"Yes, I am firmly in support of the will of the people, as long as the will of the people is to re-elect me!" comment by usgoosht on Voting is our most fundamental right let's make sure it's open to everyone | Terri Sewell and Vanita Gupta Jun 26, 2020 6:46 PM [GMT]
Yes, fundamental, and to make it align more with the will of voters it needs to change to ranked voting in all elections. Make that part of this proposal.

Of course they won't, since ranked voting is a threat to incumbents. And despite their rhetoric, they are more concerned with their continued re-election than truly representative voting. comment by usgoosht on Voting is our most fundamental right let's make sure it's open to everyone | Terri Sewell and Vanita Gupta Jun 26, 2020 6:45 PM [GMT]
Not affluence, over population. Affluence would be just fine with 10% of the current global population. In fact, the world would be an amazing place to live with our level of technology and fewer people.

But there seems to be some kind of programmed mandate that population has to keep growing. I suspect it comes from the old, obsolete, economics beliefs. Their paradigm requires continuous growth in order to deal with the debt that it generates. Put simply, it's a ponzi scheme.

And religions, of course. They each want to be the dominant belief system on the planet, so want more and more people to convert.

If there are long lived aliens watching the ongoing saga of our planet, they must view it as a sitcom. Dumb and dumber. comment by usgoosht on Scientists warn: Affluence is killing the planet Jun 25, 2020 1:54 PM [GMT]
It isn't the number of new infections that is important, it is the number of serious cases and deaths that arise from those infections. Finding that rate seems to be like pulling teeth, as if authorities don't want people knowing this information.

But, given that, from what I can find, the surge in cases isn't being accompanied by an equivalent surge in serious cases or deaths. That is, these cases are among people who exhibit mild or no symptoms. In fact the death rate seems to be declining, even *with* the surge in infections.

My opinion is that far from being alarmed at all these new cases, we should be welcoming them, because they provide a reservoir of people who will be immune, and a potential source of antibody plasma for treatment, without a corresponding rise in load on medical resources. In fact, this is how we should have handled this epidemic months ago. Those with health conditions or older should be isolating, and everyone else going about their business, albeit with appropriate measures to slow the spread of the virus. comment by usgoosht on The Finance 202: The economic recovery looks poised to stall as coronavirus cases surge Jun 25, 2020 1:47 PM [GMT]
Mayor and governor, decrying and rejecting the police, declare they will be on the front lines of those enforcing the end of the enclave. "We will put our money where our mouth is", they declare, "showing that we weren't just spouting rhetoric in order to remain popular, like leaves blowing in the wind of public opinion. If they attack us, we will not defend ourselves, that would be violent and brutal."

It is said that in a democracy, people get the government they deserve. The people of Seattle must deserve to be led by incompetent morons. comment by usgoosht on Seattle to end police-free protest zone after shootings Jun 23, 2020 1:38 PM [GMT]
ha ha ha Since it would take 750 years for even existing members of the cult of islam to complete the hajj, what's one more year? It's hard to believe that despite the annual reminders rubbing their nose in the fact that the cult is false, people still follow it.

Maybe members of the cult get comfort with their fear of death, even with knowing it is false comfort. There is no paradise waiting, no day of judgement coming, but believing there is makes their life more bearable, even though they know inside that their belief is false. With all the inconsistencies and contradictions, members of the cult *have* to know at some level that it is false, they just choose to disregard that knowledge. comment by usgoosht on Muslims to wait a year for hajj as virus prompts Saudi curbs Jun 23, 2020 1:26 PM [GMT]
"appalled and sickened"

But is he appalled and sickened by the cult of islam that inspires such attacks on a regular basis? The hate for, intolerance of, and incitement to violence against, non members of the cult in the cult's scriptures and doctrines is the inspiration for these attacks. How can a civilized society tolerate the continued existence of such a destructive, dysfunctional cult in its midst? How many times do we have to listen to the apologists for the cult saying, "This isn't the true nature of our cult.", before we realize that it is, in fact, the true nature of their cult? comment by usgoosht on Reading stabbings: Police declare the three killings a terror incident Jun 21, 2020 1:49 PM [GMT]
So here we are at solstice. And the ignorance of mohammed when he created ramadan is on full display. Go here to see the area of the arctic where any members of the cult who observed ramadan [1] would die because of ramadan over the course of their lives.

Because ramadan is determined by a lunar calendar, not every ramadan ends close to the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, but when it does, every member of the cult in the area with 24 hour daylight would die.

1. Ramadan requires that adherents of the cult take no food or drink during daylight hours for one moon cycle close to the summer solstice. Death by thirst takes 4 to 8 days, by food much longer, depending on the health and obesity of the individual and also environmental conditions, but typically a few weeks, and can be as long as 2 months if someone is drinking as much water as they want. comment by usgoosht on Coronavirus dampens Stonehenge solstice celebrations Jun 21, 2020 1:43 PM [GMT]
"The cult of islam was built on the backs of slaves. Whey you see a mosque, you are looking at a monument to slavery. Tear down the mosques, they are monuments to slavery.", they chanted. comment by usgoosht on French protesters decry racism, other systemic injustices Jun 21, 2020 1:22 PM [GMT]
They need Wister Omar! comment by usgoosht on Seven die in separate Somali bomb attacks Jun 21, 2020 1:12 PM [GMT]

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