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A little more background on why differing from cult of islam doctrines is apostasy.

Mohammed declared that the cult of islam was the final and perfect religion for all mankind [1], and himself as the last prophet of Allah forever. When a member of the cult disagrees with the position of mohammed on interpretation of the scriptures of the cult, or on any other topic, he or she is declaring himself or herself to be a prophet after mohammed. He or she is also declaring that he or she has a better understanding of the will of Allah than mohammed, and thus is a greater prophet than mohammed. Thus, by cult of islam rules, he or she is declaring himself or herself to be a blasphemer and an apostate.

In my opinion, it is only their lifetime of brainwashing that keeps such people, the so-called 'moderate' Muslims, in the cult. They would be better off declaring their own religion than trying to change a religion that has fixed itself at a point in time during the dark ages.

Truly, the cult of islam is a fine example of a cult. Death for leaving, death for questioning, death for criticizing, death for damaging a koran. Given its encouragement for violence in the name of allah against non-members, it could be called a death cult.

1. There are so many inconsistencies in the scriptures of the cult that it is laughable that it is the final and perfect religion of allah. Its two main rituals, ramadan and the hajj are severely flawed, and were impossible for all people on earth even during the life of mohammed. And then there are ridiculous requirements like all men must grow beards, when even during the lifetime of mohammed there were millions of men for whom it was impossible to grow a beard alive in North and South America. His ignorance demonstrates the lack of any communication with allah, the deity he claimed to represent.

It's sad that there is so much oppression within the cult, and violence against those not members of the cult. But it is even sadder that the cult is a false religious path. All those sincere believers are wasting their time. Practicing the rituals of the cult of islam to know allah, is like trying to find a palm tree in Antarctica, futile. comment by usgoosht on Pence calls on Saudi Arabia to release critic of Islam Jul 18, 2019 6:32 PM [GMT]
Good luck with that! The cult of islam doesn't believe in an individual right to freedom of religion or freedom of speech. Mohammed called leaving the cult of islam the crime of apostasy, and specified the death penalty for it. Similarly, criticizing the cult of islam is called blasphemy, and also carries the death penalty.

That's why members of the cult are perjuring themselves when they swear to uphold the constitution of the US; their membership in the cult prohibits upholding individual freedom of religion and individual freedom of speech, because that would be contrary to the rules of the cult of islam and declaring themselves to be apostates.

The cult of islam has no place in a civilized country, since it is fascist by nature and promulgates values from the dark ages. comment by usgoosht on Pence calls on Saudi Arabia to release critic of Islam Jul 18, 2019 6:12 PM [GMT]
Psychopath or sociopath; nature or nurture? Has to be one or the other to run his country the way he does. comment by usgoosht on Route Kim used to ship two Mercedes to North Korea revealed Jul 17, 2019 9:02 PM [GMT]
Those beards that make them look like homeless bums. :-D comment by usgoosht on Pakistan arrests US-wanted terror suspect in Mumbai attacks Jul 17, 2019 8:57 PM [GMT]
So, you might be asking, how is members of the cult of islam believing that their cult is supreme different from other religions. After all, every religion teaches that it is the pinnacle of religious practice. The difference is that the scriptures of the cult of islam specifically declare that allah approves of those who fight and kill non members of the cult, and gives them a special place in paradise after their death. The hate and incitement to violence is contained in many verses, but the most succinct form can be found in the 'sword' verse, sura 9:5. It can be summarized as 'kill, enslave, or forcibly convert the unbeliever'. And, the history of the cult of islam shows that this was enthusiastically embraced by members of the cult. Tens of millions of people have been killed by the cult in the name of allah, and millions more have been enslaved by the cult. Not even mentioning the millions forcibly converted. It is probably true that over 90% of current members of the cult descend from people forcibly converted to the cult. Since the cult of islam is a cult because leaving carries a death sentence (as does blasphemy), few indeed have escaped after forced conversion. comment by usgoosht on Islamic extremist attack on Somali hotel leaves 26 dead Jul 14, 2019 7:02 PM [GMT]
You can find on line a list of verses that historical scholars of the cult of islam declare to have been abrogated. There is not complete agreement, but there is agreement on the core verses that have been abrogated. The 'sword' verse (sura 9:5) alone has abrogated more than 100 verses. So, before reading the chronological koran you might as well just delete those verses, since they are irrelevant to the current cult of islam.

As near as I can tell, the only reason they remain in the koran is to obfuscate the true teachings of the cult of islam by using them to lie to non members of the cult.

ISIS demonstrated how easily the so-called 'moderate' muslims will cravenly submit when those who follow the true teachings of the cult appear. They knew they had no doctrinal leg to stand on; they were members of the cult in name only. How so? By disagreeing with mohammed's interpretation of the scriptures of the cult of islam, they were declaring themselves to be greater prophets than mohammed, and thus blasphemers and apostates. The penalty for those is death, so they bent the knee. comment by usgoosht on Reuters World News Summary Jul 14, 2019 6:19 PM [GMT]
The greatest mass murderer in history, mohammed, increases his tally. comment by usgoosht on Islamic extremist attack on Somali hotel leaves 26 dead Jul 14, 2019 5:43 PM [GMT]
Imagine that the things said by these people were, modified suitably for context, said by a white male. Would you still call them progressive, or would you call them part of the reactionary patriarchy? comment by usgoosht on Trump tells Ocasio-Cortez and other female progressives to 'go back' to 'original' countries Jul 14, 2019 5:13 PM [GMT]
The most important reform needed in politics in the US isn't money, it is voting methodology.

Every election with more than two candidates should be using some type of preferential balloting. This encourages people to vote for the candidate they *really* want, and results in more centrist candidates, and candidates that more voters approve of, becoming winners. Why isn't it the norm now? Because it is a threat to incumbents, decreasing the huge advantage they currently enjoy in elections. It should be a no brainer for a centrist like Mr Bullock to support.

Money? Only voters should be able to contribute to election campaigns. Allowing companies and unions to contribute is akin to allowing foreign governments to contribute. comment by usgoosht on For Democratic presidential hopeful Steve Bullock, its all about the dark money Jul 14, 2019 4:52 PM [GMT]
Cult of islam gangs? comment by usgoosht on Dozens of lambs and sheep stolen or 'slaughtered' and left in fields for farmers to find Jul 14, 2019 4:41 PM [GMT]

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