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This also illustrates why the cult of islam *is* a cult. The fascist control of the clerics will not allow anyone to commit apostasy or blasphemy (as in this case). Both have official penalties of death in the scriptures of the cult of islam.

If this woman said, "I am leaving the cult of islam so your penalty does not apply to me", she would be condemned as an apostate, and face the same death sentence.

The cult of islam is a curse upon muslims, and a crime against humanity. The world will be a better place without it. comment by usgoosht on School principal is sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan 8 hours, 18 minutes ago
And how has India done this? What is their secret? They have low vaccination rate, so it can't be vaccination. Is it that their population has better immune systems, and thus most people have had and survived covid19, and so are now immune? Is it that they are using therapeutics like ivermectin as prophylactics and for early treatment? Is it that a new variant has arisen, a variant that is less lethal than the previous variants?

This knowledge is very important for the rest of the world.

From the moment that it was revealed that the vaccines don't prevent infection, but allow infection and transmission, it was clear that covid19 would become endemic. Unfortunately, the health authorities in the developed world, with a few exceptions, had decided that they were going to eradicate covid19. And they seem unable to change gears, to change their approach, to adapt to this new reality, despite any claims that they are driven by the data. They are more like bureaucrats who, given a set of rules, follow them regardless of how realistic or effective they are. comment by usgoosht on Covid live news: India reports lowest deaths since mid-March; England parents warned over hoax vaccine letter 8 hours, 38 minutes ago
"Khatam-e-nubuwat is the belief that the Prophet Muhammad is the last apostle sent by Allah and that there shall be no more prophets after him."

This is so ridiculous as to make the cult of islam a laughing stock. Why would an eternal, infinite being *ever* have a last prophet? Especially if he is merciful, as the koran stresses over and over and over again, ad nauseum.

Has the world changed in 1400 years (real years, complete transits of the earth around the sun, not the flawed years of the cult of islam)?. Would it not make more sense for allah to send / choose new prophets to deal with the new conditions on earth? Instead of clerics making up pretend justification for their changes to the cult to get with the times. Only the most obtuse and zealous cult of islam clerics can possibly believe that the original cult of islam has a place in the modern world. Most of them have to see that their cult is an anachronism, a throwback to the dark ages.

This is all irrelevant anyway, since mohammed was a false prophet who was channeling one of his alters. This is why the allah of the koran is just as ignorant as mohammed, and so allowed the many logical flaws in the scriptures to remain. comment by usgoosht on School principal is sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan 8 hours, 53 minutes ago
All those countries importing Afghan immigrants should ask them, "Will you allow your daughter to marry an unbeliever with your blessing?"

A no to that question should lead to the rejection of the immigrant. They will never fit into a pluralistic society. comment by usgoosht on Blast tears through Gothenburg apartment block, injuring 16 9 hours, 4 minutes ago
Does this rise in crime coincide with the increase in 'diversity'? Does it coincide with the rise in the cult of islam population?

No wonder Japan is hesitant to allow immigration. They only need to look around the world to see what happens to countries that import lots of immigrants. The global pool of immigrants seem to be of low quality, and unwilling to adapt to the culture of their new country. Instead they bring with them the very attitudes and behaviors that made their old country a terrible place.

They don't seem to grasp the concept that it is the behavior of the native population, the existing culture, that made their new country the country they want to come to. comment by usgoosht on Blast tears through Gothenburg apartment block, injuring 16 9 hours, 7 minutes ago
Again, all these propaganda outlets that have championed the cult of islam are surprised that this is happening. Why? Are they that ignorant of the true nature of the cult of islam? They need to read a chronological koran. The hate, intolerance, incitement to violence, female apartheid, and slavery that the jihadi / fundamentalist groups espouse and practice are a true reflection of the teachings of the cult of islam. Full stop. comment by usgoosht on The Taliban said it would respect womens rights. Then it abolished the Ministry of Womens Affairs. Sep 24, 2021 2:28 PM [GMT]
How can anyone be surprised? They, and other jihadi groups, are fundamentalist, just like mohammed. They take literally mohammed's claim that he was the last prophet, and that the koran is the perfect and unalterable word of allah.

Because both mohammed and the koran reflect their roots in the dark ages, the cult of islam in its truest form also is a reflection of the dark ages.

If the koran is read in chronological order (call it the allah koran, because that is the order that allah supposedly [1] revealed it to mohammed), all the hate, intolerance, incitement to violence, female apartheid, support for slavery become evident as the final creed of the cult of islam. The sword verse, which in the corrupt koran is sura 9:5, becomes sura 113:5 in the allah koran. This means that that verse, which can be paraphrased as 'kill, enslave, or forcibly convert the unbeliever' becomes the rule of the cult of islam, because of abrogation. This is a set of verses in the koran that declare that later revelations from allah on a topic abrogate / nullify / override earlier verses on that topic. That verse alone abrogates over a hundred earlier verses, verses that so-called moderate members of the cult call 'peaceful and tolerant' and accept as true. But they are either lying to themselves, or lying to us. There is no way those verses can be true if someone accepts that mohammed was the last prophet, and the koran is perfect and unchangeable. Just isn't possible. Now, various religious leaders throughout the history of the cult of islam have realized that it is a destructive and dysfunctional cult and have issued fatwas changing the rules of the cult. But those fatwahs are fatuous nonsense, since they override the teachings and example of mohammed and the koran. The only way they could do that would be if the issuers of the fatwah declared himself (they are all men) to be a greater prophet than mohammed. But that is blasphemy, and makes them apostate, so they hem and hah, and make up imagined reasons why they can change what is perfectly clear they have no authority to change. The so-called moderate cult of islam is built on foundations of sand. Which is why it can never stand up to the jihadis. It has no scriptural legitimacy.

This dark age mentality, and its cult [2] rules are why the cult of islam is so proficient at generating sociopaths. Ask yourself, "Are the Taliban sociopaths? Is ISIS? Or any of the other jihadi / fundamentalist groups based on the cult of islam?" Note also that mohammed, surrounded himself with people just like the jihadis / fundamentalists we see today in these groups. Thugs, killers, slavers, rapists, these were his companions. He himself was a killer and a slaver and a rapist and a pedophile and a highway robber and had his critics assassinated.

1. Mohammed was a false prophet. My take is that he started out 'channeling' one of his alters (I postulate that he had multiple personality syndrome). The errors in the koran are too great for any other explanation, as long as the deity of the koran is all-knowing, all-wise, and all powerful. Two of the pillars of the cult of islam, ramadan and the hajj, are impossible for all of humanity, even at the time of the revelation; yet the allah of the koran declares that this is the final and perfect religion for all mankind. Then there is the flawed calendar of the cult of islam; it loses 11 days every year. Think about it. People who experienced events with mohammed, would in 16 cult of islam years see them comemmorated in the exact opposite season. An event that occurred in summer would now be observed in winter. Thousands of years before mohammed lived, groups around the world already had determined that the annual rotation of the earth around the sun had 365 days, and even adjusted for the 1/4 day with a leap year. How could allah not have known that? Or take mohammed's approval of first cousin marriages. A disaster that has led to long time members of the cult having twice as many genetic defects as unrelated populations. Any herder could have told him that inbreeding leads to genetic defects, let alone allah. Or his decree that all male members of the cult of islam had to grow beards, even though at the time there were millions of men living in North and South America who were genetically incapable of growing beards. Again, how could allah not have known about these people he created, and corrected mohammed if he had any actual communication with him.

2. Death for leaving the cult (apostasy), death for questioning / criticizing the cult (blasphemy). comment by usgoosht on A Taliban founder says cutting off hands as punishment will be necessary for security Sep 24, 2021 2:19 PM [GMT]
So why aren't these people inviting the companies with vaccines that the US' FDA is stonewalling approval for? At least one of them is better than the approved vaccines. That is the novavax vaccine that uses the decades old technology of the flu vaccine. It has better efficacy, fewer side effects, and is cheaper. Why aren't they putting their government approval where their mouths are? comment by usgoosht on Bidens 1.1 billion dose pledge: Big, but not big enough, experts say Sep 23, 2021 3:26 PM [GMT]
Members of the cult of islam being members of the cult of islam. comment by usgoosht on Morocco's Khadija rape case: Eleven jailed for 20 years Sep 23, 2021 3:22 PM [GMT]

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