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This isn't a demographic dividend. There has to be a significant drop in birth rate to create a demographic dividend, and India's birth rate has not experienced that. The reason the drop is needed is that it allows resources that would be spent on the next generation to be spent on the current generation, giving them a boost in education and health. That's where the dividend comes from - a healthier more educated workforce.

The article is right in that the dividend is squandered if those healthier, more educated people aren't given opportunities. comment by usgoosht on India's Challenge: So Many Young People, So Few Good Jobs 37 minutes ago
It's just so funny how he pushes their buttons. comment by usgoosht on Trump brags about winning the presidency on his first try Jan 12, 2018 11:21 PM [GMT]
This is meaningless. The Koran isn't changing, so the dysfunctional policies that it preaches will all come back at some point. It's like the wave goes out, the wave comes in.

It isn't people who determine how the cult of Islam functions, it's the Koran, the final and unalterable religion for all mankind, according to cult doctrine. No change is possible in the cult, except temporarily, as long as they adhere to the Koran. comment by usgoosht on Change is coming to Saudi Arabia Dec 1, 2017 03:44 AM [GMT]
Says, "I didn't realize the 'sword' verse was in the Koran." comment by usgoosht on New York attack: Acquaintance shocked to learn of suspects involvement Nov 1, 2017 7:55 PM [GMT]
It's a short distance from 'moderate' or 'pretend' Muslim to terror. It only takes a re-interpretation of the Koran and hadith, since the hatred for, and incitement to violence against, non Muslims is inherent in the scriptures.

The history of the cult of Islam is rife with terrible deeds done in the name of the cult. And commentary of cult of Islam scholars historically has praised such actions.

There are no innocent members of the cult of Islam. Yes, they've been brainwashed from birth with its destructive, dysfunctional ideology. But, by supporting and propagating the creed, they sow the seeds of the violence the cult engenders. comment by usgoosht on New York attack: Acquaintance shocked to learn of suspects involvement Nov 1, 2017 7:54 PM [GMT]
Talk about schizophrenia! They ban the group that adheres closely to the Koran, but refuse to ban the book itself, insisting that it is the unalterable word of Allah.

These cult of Islam groups called 'terrorist' are merely the groups that adhere most closely to the teachings of the Koran.

The 'moderate' Muslims are really 'pretend' Muslims. comment by usgoosht on Egypt refers Muslim Brotherhood businessman to court Nov 1, 2017 7:43 PM [GMT]
No one. The Fed will give money to the federal government in increasing amounts as it continues to issue treasuries to pay for the deficit.

Eventually, as happens with all ponzi schemes, the dollar will collapse. Bringing general misery to anyone who isn't an owner of capital.

We'll probably get there before Japan, because while they are running huge deficits, they are a net exporter, while we are a net importer. comment by usgoosht on Who's really going to pay for Trump's big tax cut? Nov 1, 2017 7:32 PM [GMT]
Children are easy to brainwash. And, Muslims are inbred because of their preference for marrying first cousins (but Mohammed said it was OK!), so they have a lot of mentally deficient children, making them even easier to brainwash. comment by usgoosht on Boy in suicide vest kills at least 7 in attack on Kabul diplomatic enclave Nov 1, 2017 03:44 AM [GMT]
Blah blah blah - always the same BS, never pointing to the cause of the hatred and violence, the cult of Islam. comment by usgoosht on New York attack: Mayor Bill de Blasio says 'we will be undeterred' Nov 1, 2017 03:40 AM [GMT]
That they raped his wife is no surprise. The Koran says that women possessed by the right hand (slaves), women taken during jihad, are the property of their owners, and their owners can do anything with them they like. That was how Mohammed recruited the thugs to expand his cult; they got a share of all loot that they seized for the cult. And female slaves. It's probably the first franchise in history. comment by usgoosht on Freed Hostage Says Captors Killed Daughter, Raped Wife Oct 16, 2017 6:13 PM [GMT]

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