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I put the word 'moderate' when referring to Muslims in quotes because there is no such thing as a 'moderate Muslim'. To be Muslim is to submit to the will of Allah as contained in the Koran and the teachings of his prophet. And there is no doubt that Mohammed interpreted the Koran as hate literature. Saying 'moderate' Muslim is like saying 'kind and gentle' torturer or 'peaceful, tolerant' Nazi. An oxymoron.

It is possible to be moderate, and it is possible to be Muslim, but it is not possible to be a 'moderate Muslim'.

I'm not saying that there aren't people who call themselves 'moderate Muslims' and even believe they are 'moderate Muslims', I'm saying they are fooling themselves. They aren't Muslim. comment by usgoosht on Drone Strikes on Al Qaeda Said to Take Toll on Leadership 22 hours, 23 minutes ago
“People always want to know when the job will be finished,” said Michael Semple, a militancy expert at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. “I don’t think we can talk about that. They’re on the back foot, rather than being eliminated.”

As long as Islam exists, and the defining nature of Islam is contained in satanic verses like sura 9:5 [1], the 'sword' verse, or sura 9:29 [2], the 'fighting' verse, Islamic militancy will flare up constantly. Certainly, from his record, Mohammed believed these to be the defining verses of Islam.

Like malaria, jihadism goes dormant within the host, the 'moderate' Muslims that yet adhere to the inerrant nature of the Koran. And from time to time, it will break out of this dormancy and spawn violent agents, as Mohammed and the Koran exhort.

So, what's a 'moderate' Muslim to do if they don't want to support these extremists? They need to modify the Koran, and thus Islam, to purge the satanic verses. Or subject the Koran to filtering. It isn't perfect, but reading the Koran with sura 2:256, 'there is no coercion in religion', as the ultimate arbiter as which teaching are from Allah, and which are not, works. None of the satanic verses can pass this test. Human beings are still fallible, and can misinterpret what remains, but the poison teeth will have been pulled from the snake.

Again, as long as Islam is preserved in its present form, there will be no end to extremists, because current and historical Islam prescribes and exalts their actions.

1. Paraphrased, it is the duty of the Muslim to 'kill, enslave, or convert the unbeliever'.

2. 'fight the unbeliever wherever you find him'.

Note: I use the term satanic to refer to religious instructions that are counter to the purpose of religion, not necessarily issued by an evil personage. comment by usgoosht on Drone Strikes on Al Qaeda Said to Take Toll on Leadership 22 hours, 46 minutes ago
An interesting case; meritocracy versus racism / 'social justice'.

Has Loretta Lynch the qualifications to be attorney general? Sure. Is she the best qualified candidate to be attorney general? No. Her principal recommendations to Obama have nothing to do with her legal qualifications. She has dark skin. And she is willing to put his directives above the law. Hmm.

China has been having meritocracy issues of its own. The flaw in meritocracy occurs when those with power decide they would rather not give it up. That's what has happened in China. The recent kerfuffle there is to bring meritocracy back to the fore. Their system is arguably more based on meritocracy and better at selecting a chief executive than ours. It takes decades of apprenticeship to qualify for the top position. Obama had zero executive experience when he filled the most powerful executive position in the world. And it looks like his odds on favorite for succession has almost zero executive experience also. Something wrong with the selection process.

Why is meritocracy so important? Let's look at another case, that of UC Berkeley. There is a quota on Asians at UC Berkeley because they would otherwise fill almost the entire incoming freshman class each year, especially in STEM fields. By putting people of lesser qualifications in some of those places, we do two things. We send the message that merit, and ability, isn't as important as some concept of 'social justice'. And we all lose. We lose because the candidates that will graduate won't be as able, and so will miss opportunities for discovery that better candidates would capture. Our economic competitiveness and prowess depends on innovation in STEM. So when we as a nation do poorer there, we all lose.

Think of the NBA, dominated by players with dark skins. Suppose a quota was enforced, so that lesser qualified players of other 'social justice' categories were employed instead of better qualified players with dark skins. We would miss out on the level of play that we watched for entertainment. And we would miss out on the innovation that the better players would bring to the game.

So, what the senate is weighing is whether Obama's 'social justice' desires, the reason he selected Loretta Lynch, outweigh the benefit of having a more able attorney general. Politics or merit? Which is better for the country? Actually, they are weighing which is better for their re-election chances, which isn't the same thing as better for the country. comment by usgoosht on Ted Cruz Slams Loretta Lynch Nomination on Senate Floor Apr 23, 2015 7:21 PM [GMT]
Mister, I think you don't understand what 'American Dream' means. It doesn't mean that you can come to America and behave like a moron, and everything you dream will be realized anyway. It means that in America you have a chance to make your dream real, and it is up to you to capitalize on that chance or not.

No guarantees, and the deck is stacked against you, but you have a *chance*.

Children are expensive in civilized countries. They need time and energy and money investment if they are going to be successful. With five kids, on a single working income, you just *can't* provide the needed resources. So, your dream isn't happening because of your own actions. Maybe they were actions performed in ignorance, before you realized what they would mean, but they are still your own actions.

Imagine if you had a single child, or even two. Would things be different? Yes.

Mystery resolved.

By the way, if you are working 70 hour weeks, you aren't raising your children, and they are likely to have bad life outcomes. Not because you wish it, not because they are bad, but because of how the world works. comment by usgoosht on The US Senate cook struggling on low wages: 'My American dream is a nightmare' video Apr 23, 2015 5:35 PM [GMT]
*Five* children? That says it all.

What an idiot. comment by usgoosht on The US Senate cook struggling on low wages: 'My American dream is a nightmare' video Apr 23, 2015 3:14 PM [GMT]
The results of breeding without restraint. What do people think will happen when they have babies they can't afford? Manna from heaven?

I read these stories from Caracas, where people begging and doing odd jobs for a living have 8 to 10 children, and I think, "Are they crazy? Stupid? What can possibly possess them to behave like that?"

Or the Philippines, families living by scrounging in garbage dumps with 8 children. Or India, families with 10 children living on the sidewalk. Or Niger, multiple wives, dozens of children, no work, mothers going without food so their child can have a meal.

If you gave these people a hammer, and told them to hit their finger continuously, they would refuse. But yet they have children that they will watch suffer for their whole lives because they can't afford them. Like they can't connect the dots.

Insane! comment by usgoosht on 'We see more and more unaccompanied children on migrant boats' Apr 22, 2015 6:13 PM [GMT]
Are these really the rules that Allah wants people to live by? No one can check! Mohammed called himself the last prophet, and his message the last message, so no one can ever question his control.

Wow! Despots everywhere *love* Islam. comment by usgoosht on Man arrested for allegedly plotting church attacks Apr 22, 2015 6:05 PM [GMT]
It's easy to ask, "Why doesn't he know better?", or hate him for his actions.

But all humans are brainwashed from birth. Some of us are lucky enough to receive beneficial brainwashing; he wasn't. He was brainwashed by a destructive, dysfunctional cult. It isn't surprising he incorporated that brainwashing into who he is. What's surprising is that there are people strong enough to question that brainwashing, and reject it.

People like this young man, and those who join groups like ISIS, Boko Haram, al Queda, etc. are the weak minded ones. The brainwashing took over completely, and there is no resistance left in them. The cult will destroy their lives. That's how Mohammed designed it, to use up young men for his own ends. And it has been used that way ever since by those in power in Islamic countries. It's the reason that the Mongols adopted Islam; they saw what an effective tool it was for control of the population. It's fascism based on direct fear, sure. The threat of being killed for leaving the cult or blaspheming it is real. But the real genius is in using an after life with reward as the whip. "We oppress you and force these restrictions on you for your own good." Inspired. comment by usgoosht on Man arrested for allegedly plotting church attacks Apr 22, 2015 6:02 PM [GMT]
A Muslim being violent and intolerant. Shocking! Not.

Sadly, it's the history of their religion. Large numbers of people have been killed by Islam in accordance with the hate literature they call a 'holy' book.

If you are a non Muslim, the pre-eminent verse of the Koran calls upon Muslims to 'kill, enslave, or convert' you. Many answer the call. That's bad, but the way Islam treats Muslims is even worse.

This 'religion', actually a fascist cult, should never have had a place in human history.

The 'sword' verse and 'fighting' verse are satanic. No true prophet would accept them as coming from Allah, let alone enthusiastically embrace them. The Koran is false scripture, and Mohammed was a false prophet. comment by usgoosht on Man arrested for allegedly plotting church attacks Apr 22, 2015 5:50 PM [GMT]
Gary Stant
great idea, just need to pick another course & create your own history!!! comment by Gary Stant on Creamer wants women's Masters Apr 22, 2015 1:37 PM [GMT]

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