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It's because of German experience of Nazism that the oppose Islam. Islam is the proto fascism. It's like a combination of the Mafia and the Catholic church. A protection racket that uses religion to enforce membership.

Islamic doctrine says that everyone has a right to interfere in another's life to enforce their beliefs.

Because of their belief that they have the only true religion, they think, and act, like they have a right to enforce the strictures of their religion on those not of their faith.

And the cult believes that any who leave the cult should be killed.

Truly, Islam is fascist. And because of their history, Germans recognize that. comment by usgoosht on Refugees from Syria claim racism in Germany is so bad they want to GO HOME 27 minutes ago
It's sad, but the German protesters have a point - Muslims will never integrate into Germany. And their satanic cult [1] is a very poor fit with modernity. It has no freedom of religion. It has no freedom of speech. It codifies oppression of women.

The question is, "Do people have an obligation to destroy their way of life to help others?" Especially when those others belong to cult dedicated to the destruction of that way of life.

I think the answer is no. The Germans have a right to demand that the refugees renounce Islam if they want refuge. And be subject to deportation if they abrogate their agreement.

That is, the Germans have a right to demand that the refugees become German if they want to live in Germany, not turn Germany into a replica of a dysfunctional society like Syria. At the heart of that dysfunction is the satanic cult they belong to.

1. sura 9:5, the 'sword' verse, 'kill, enslave, or convert the unbeliever'. Responsible for the killing and enslaving of tens of millions of people over the course of Islamic history.

sura 9:29, the 'fighting' verse, 'fight the unbeliever wherever you find him'. Again, responsible for so much mayhem over the course of Islamic history.

And Muslims believe these are direct revelations from Allah, inviolate. They make the Koran a book of hate literature. In short, satanic. comment by usgoosht on Refugees from Syria claim racism in Germany is so bad they want to GO HOME 32 minutes ago
There is nothing religious about offering blood sacrifice. This is a rite of black magic, a satanic ritual.

It just shows the kind of nonsense people will believe, and the heinous acts they will do in the name of their beliefs. comment by usgoosht on Did Nepal temple ban animal sacrifice festival? 56 minutes ago
A woman voluntarily converts to Islam? She has mental issues. Why would she think so little of herself that she joins an organization that considers her to be less? It's like participating in your own enslavement.

Sure, a woman who grows up brainwashed and oppressed by the cult, it's understandable. That, and the threat of violence by the cult make it impossible for a woman to leave in an Islamic country. So, she's just making the best of a bad hand she's been dealt. comment by usgoosht on Muslims in Moscow Work to Break a Stereotype Jul 28, 2015 03:58 AM [GMT]
That's the peace and tolerance of Islam. The satanic cult. comment by usgoosht on 'Muslim girl gang' attacks bikini wearing sunbather in a French park in Reims Jul 28, 2015 02:49 AM [GMT]
But are they going to remove the satanic verses [1] from the Koran?

sura 9:5, the 'sword verse', 'kill, enslave, or convert the unbeliever'
sura 9:29, the 'fighting verse', 'fight the unbeliever wherever you find him'
There are lot's more.

Until those are gone, and they stop the cult like behavior of killing those who leave Islam, the stereotype will remain. And be valid. comment by usgoosht on Muslims in Moscow Work to Break a Stereotype Jul 28, 2015 02:38 AM [GMT]
The terror threat is linked to Islam, whether they arrive legally or illegally. The Koran is hate literature, as long as the satanic verses remain. So, really, to end the terror threat, it is necessary to ban Islam. comment by usgoosht on Illegal migration clearly linked with terror threat: Hungary PM Jul 25, 2015 8:21 PM [GMT]
Why, we're going to allow the president to take part in one of our 'charming cultural activities', a female genital mutilation. Truly, a 'hotbed' of culture. comment by usgoosht on Kenya 'hotbed' of culture not terror, president says in CNN jibe Jul 25, 2015 8:18 PM [GMT]
Funny, a Muslim calling others arrogant. The cult of Islam defines arrogant, with its insistence that it is the be-all and end-all of religions, and that everyone else should adhere to its requirements, whether they follow it or not. And it does it on such scanty evidence.

See, it's written here in this book. It must be true or it wouldn't be written here. Like credulous children.

There is one thing the cult of Islam excels at, however. Brainwashing. comment by usgoosht on Iran policy against 'arrogant' US 'won't change': Khamenei Jul 18, 2015 07:24 AM [GMT]
Just another satanic sacrifice, in fitting with the theme of the holiday, and the cult of Islam. comment by usgoosht on World Briefing: Iraq: Dozens Killed in Car Bombing at End of Ramadan Jul 18, 2015 07:06 AM [GMT]

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