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Extremists? LOL

They are agitating against other people breathing?

Political correctness run amok. These are Muslim extremists, following the directions of the hate literature called the Koran. Mohammed would recognize them as Muslim, and congratulate them. After all, he channeled the verses like sura 9:5, 'kill, enslave, or convert the unbeliever' and sura 9:29, 'fight the unbeliever wherever you find him', and wholeheartedly embraced them (he was a killer).

Stop trying to soft peddle the true nature of the cult of Islam. You do the world, and Muslims, a disservice by doing so.

If Muslims don't want their cult to be defined by the hatred in the Koran, they need to remove that hatred, not pretend it doesn't exist. comment by usgoosht on Extremists Kill 28 in Villages in Northeastern Nigeria Aug 28, 2015 7:25 PM [GMT]
Who knew? Turns out Indian Hindus are just as barbaric as Muslims. Is it because of the long Muslim occupation, or is it homegrown?

Whatever the cause, it's disgusting. comment by usgoosht on Indian sisters sentenced to be raped then paraded naked through streets because brother eloped with married woman Aug 28, 2015 7:10 PM [GMT]
A sufi said, "There is a thing that we must do. It matters not how much, or how little, else we do. If we do not do this thing, then our time here has been wasted."

Memorizing the Koran backward and forward is not that thing.

Killing and enslaving others in the name of Allah is not that thing.

Performing hajj is not that thing.

Forcing others to have our beliefs is not that thing.

Mutilating and oppressing women is not that thing.

Killing others for questioning or criticizing our beliefs is not that thing.

Groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda are so far from this thing, they can't even imagine it in a dream. And 'moderate' Muslims are nearly as far away.

What is this thing? comment by usgoosht on Mustard gas 'likely used' in suspected Islamic State attack in Syria Aug 26, 2015 11:51 PM [GMT]
To be fair to Mohammed, he raped lots of grown women, too. He even wrote a verse into the Koran giving himself first choice of all the sex slaves his thugs captured, after he and his gang of thugs had massacred a peaceful tribe, killed all the men, and enslaved all the women and children. I think it is sura 38:50. It is so blatantly self serving it makes it obvious that everyone involved in starting his protection racket knew he was a phony. They went along because he got them lots of loot.

What a disgusting piece of work he turned into. If only he hadn't abandoned his faith in Allah, and turned to the dark side. comment by usgoosht on Manchester schoolgirl admits terror offences connected to Anzac Day plot Aug 26, 2015 4:43 PM [GMT]
Don't these satanic cult of Islam fanatics add so much to Western civilization? Why, we need more of them with their open and inquiring minds, their peaceful and tolerant outlook.


What do people expect when the 'holy' book of a cult is hate literature, and the founder was a child rapist and killer? Reading the casual way that Mohammed dealt out death is very sobering. I find myself thinking, "This!?! This!?? This is a holy man?"

It astonishes me that Muslims that escape to the West, and claim they want to live in the modern world, continue to follow Islam. That's like saying I want to get physically fit, but continuing to eat huge quantities of junk food and only exercising occasionally.

The cult has very effective brainwashing, and it uses fascist techniques of control, so I suppose it isn't surprising that the average person has such a hard time deprogramming themselves from the dysfunctional programming they've been fed their whole life. Imagine defenseless babies being warped with this terrible ideology. We see the results all around the world, wherever the cult of Islam is found, their satanic acts are on display.

It's so sad, crying sad. What a waste of lifetimes. comment by usgoosht on Manchester schoolgirl admits terror offences connected to Anzac Day plot Aug 26, 2015 4:29 PM [GMT]
Hitler had very warm relations with the Muslim Brotherhood, hosting leaders in Germany, and supporting them in the Middle East.

Both Nazism and Islam are fascist in nature, so it is natural they would be comfortable with each other.

Of course, Islam is the much older fascist organization, and there is much history illustrating its fascist nature for those willing to investigate.

It's a shame Mohammed became seduced by the dark side. His failings have cast a blight on Muslims since the founding of the cult of Islam. If he hadn't been seduced to the dark side, Islam wouldn't be a cult. The true teaching, as embodied in sura 2:256, 'there is no coercion in religion' would have prevailed.

Instead the satanic verses, sura 9:5, the 'sword' verse, 'kill, enslave, or convert the unbeliever' and sura 9:29, the 'fighting' verse, 'fight the unbeliever wherever you find him', and their ilk, became the banner of Islam, and Islam became a cult. Mohammed's call for Muslims to kill anyone who tries to leave the cult, and to kill anyone who questions the doctrine of the cult, completed the corruption. comment by usgoosht on ESPN takes Schilling off LLWS broadcast after tweet Aug 26, 2015 12:42 AM [GMT]
Wherever the cult of Islam is found, the satanic writings of its 'holy' book will be also found, and 'moderate' Muslims will suddenly see the light, and decide it is their duty to kill kaffirs.

Islam is a curse upon Muslims. The world would be a better place without it. comment by usgoosht on Ghanaian man 'joins IS militants' Aug 25, 2015 10:29 PM [GMT]
This lady makes it sound like it's some kind of crime for the citizens of a country to want to preserve their culture. Her stance seems to be that the people who want to come here have a right, regardless of what the current residents think.

If Mr Bush can't rebut such a dubious attack, it is doubtful he has any business as president. comment by usgoosht on Top Dems hammer Jeb Bush on 'anchor babies' comments Aug 25, 2015 7:52 PM [GMT]
If there is opposition to this solution, then it is the opponents who are racist. comment by usgoosht on Top Dems hammer Jeb Bush on 'anchor babies' comments Aug 25, 2015 7:13 PM [GMT]
It's easy to fix this. If both parents of a baby born in America have no legal status when the baby is born, the baby is given citizenship when he or she reaches legal age, but will be ineligible to sponsor anyone else for immigration.

If either parent has legal status, then when the child reaches adulthood, they can sponsor for immigration.

There, fixed. comment by usgoosht on Top Dems hammer Jeb Bush on 'anchor babies' comments Aug 25, 2015 7:11 PM [GMT]

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