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This is phase 2 of the cult [1] of islam invasion of a country.

Phase 1: Members of the cult move to the country, and pretend that the cult is peaceful and tolerant in order to get it accepted.

Phase 2: Members of the cult agitate for the rules of the cult of islam to become the rules of society in general. Torturing animals before they are eaten (halal killing), banning criticism of the koran and mohammed, separate special schools for members of the cult so they can be indoctrinated, separate judicial systems for members of the cult, etc.

Phase 3: Members of the cult come out of the closet, and agitate for cult of islam rules to become the law of the land. In this phase, violence is common.

Why do they do this? Because the cult of islam declares itself to be the final and perfect religion for all mankind, and makes it a religious duty that members of the cult work towards world domination.

The cult of islam is a curse upon muslims, and a crime [2] against humanity. The world would be a better place for everyone without it.

1. I call islam (more properly called mohammedism, since its scriptures didn't come from a deity, it isn't actually a religion) a cult because of two things. First, no one is allowed to leave. Mohammed himself declares that apostates (those who leave) should be killed. Second, criticizing the cult or prophet also carries a death sentence. This is why there are such severe blasphemy laws in so many cult of islam countries (e.g. Pakistan). This means the cult is like a roach hotel, once you check in, you don't check out. It also makes it fascist, where members of the cult are oppressed by the cult, and have to follow its rules whether they want to or not. This doesn't even begin to catalog the dysfunctionality of the cult.

2. Over the course of its history the cult has killed tens of millions of people in the name of allah (really mohammed, since he just made allah up), and enslaved millions more. Truly, it should be banned everywhere. comment by usgoosht on Muslim leaders call for polygamy to be legalised in Russia Sep 29, 2019 4:35 PM [GMT]
The cult of islam strikes again. comment by usgoosht on Muslim leaders call for polygamy to be legalised in Russia Sep 27, 2019 6:57 PM [GMT]
The cult of islam strikes again. comment by usgoosht on Hundreds of captives, many boys in chains, rescued in Nigeria Sep 27, 2019 6:41 PM [GMT]
What's controversial about that? Anyone who has seen Mexicans shopping with their children can affirm that. The American kids are supervised and reined in, while the Mexican kids run wild. Playing catch with fruit, playing with the toys in the aisles, playing tag in the aisles. It's like they have no manners, no sense of common courtesy, a common characteristic among Mexicans. I think it is because they come from a third world country where it is every man and woman for him or her self. Have you had the experience of being served by a Mexican cashier who talks past you to the cashier in the next station while processing your order? That.

It's the different parenting style of the two types of parenting, the elephant model and the rabbit model.

The elephant has few children and gives them every advantage they can in life. The rabbit has lots of children, and gives them minimal help to get them on their own. The rest is up to them.

All of Latin America follows the rabbit model, while America follows the elephant model. It's the reason Latin American countries are such pest holes.

If / when Mexicans integrate they will follow the elephant model also, since it is the only model that allows prosperity in an advanced / civilized country. comment by usgoosht on Teacher blames Mexican culture for missing girl Sep 26, 2019 6:16 PM [GMT]
The cult of islam rears its ugly head. comment by usgoosht on Thousands protest against new criminal code across Indonesia Sep 24, 2019 5:01 PM [GMT]
The cult of islam is by nature extreme. Those who call themselves 'moderate' members of the cult are following a pretend religion they have made up so they can feel good about themselves. Wherever the cult exists, some members will read the scriptures, and follow the teachings of the scriptures, and become intolerant, full of hate, and violent.

The only solution to cult of islam fundamentalism is to ban the cult, because they refuse to remove the hate, the intolerance, and the incitement to violence from their scriptures. In fact, they can't, whether they want to or not, since the scriptures are declared perfect and unalterable (though they have been altered in at least one obvious way regarding the cult of islam temple in Jerusalem). comment by usgoosht on IS women on trial for attempted attack near Notre Dame Sep 23, 2019 4:51 PM [GMT]
[gone] comment by usgoosht on 'How dare you?' Greta Thunberg asks world leaders at UN Sep 23, 2019 4:15 PM [GMT]
[gone] comment by usgoosht on PHOTOS: Climate change protests around the globe Sep 20, 2019 4:39 PM [GMT]
One man's vigilante is another man's patriot. comment by usgoosht on Vigilantes in Slovenia patrol borders to keep out migrants Sep 17, 2019 3:37 PM [GMT]
Were there really any people in Hong Kong who expected China to honor the agreement with Britain? They had lived next door to China for decades, so they knew the nature of the beast.

If the communists were willing to kill tens of millions in pursuit of their ideal, why did they think they would be treated differently?

In the end, Hong Kong will be just another Chinese city, with all the oppression found in the rest of China. comment by usgoosht on Hong Kong leader: PR firms decline to restore citys image Sep 17, 2019 3:28 PM [GMT]

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