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Search Tips

The following tips will improve your search results greatly, not only on news spider, but on all search engines.

  • Choosing the correct search terms is critical.
    Don't overlook the obvious. If you are looking for information about business, try searching for "business" first. To narrow your search to information on small business, try searching for "small business", and so on. Keep it simple!

  • Be as specific as possible.
    For example, if you are searching for information about the Chicago Bears, search for "Chicago Bears" instead of "Bears" or "Chicago".

  • Don't use unnecessary words.
    Use only words directly related to the topic. Most search engines, including, ignore common words such as "who", "what", "where", because they do not generally improve your results. As a general rule you should keep your search terms as short as possible.

  • Check your spelling.
    Be sure the terms you enter are spelled correctly. Nothing will hinder your search results faster than misspelled words.

  • Avoid abbreviations.
    If you are searching for information about Texas politics, don't search for "tx politics" or "tex politics", search for "Texas politics". Abbreviations are not commonly used on the internet, so use of abbreviations will limit your results greatly.

  • Avoid punctuation.
    On most search engines, punctuation is ignored. For example, a search for "Columbus Ohio" is the same as a search for "Columbus, Ohio". However, some punctuation may be recognized as wild cards and could skew your results.

Most of the items noted above are really just plain old common sense. If you use common sense when searching you will achieve much better results.