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Vancouver comes to know 'diversity'. Those boring, tame, safe, secure lives that Canadians used to live, where violence was an anomaly, are no longer. I bet they are happy to see the change. ;-) comment by usgoosht on Vancouver shooting: Man killed in gang-related violence at airport May 10, 2021 6:41 PM [GMT]
Where is the condemnation of the cult of islam, the root cause of these atrocities? As long as the cult continues to oppress the people, as long as its hate, intolerance, female apartheid, and incitement to violence are considered standards of behavior, this will continue to happen.

Ban the cult! The cult of islam is a curse upon muslims, and a crime against humanity. The world would be a better place without it. comment by usgoosht on Death toll rises to 85 in Afghanistan girls' school bomb attack May 10, 2021 6:36 PM [GMT]
And what did Esther Havens of Podunkville say? Why should anyone care what Wr Obama says or does? Is she a narcissist like her husband, unable to stand not being in the spotlight? comment by usgoosht on Michelle Obama says she's banning anyone not vaccinated from coming close to her family May 10, 2021 6:32 PM [GMT]
Every member of the cult of islam should be shunned as an outcast and pariah for supporting the homicidal maniac who inspired this. They can't say, "I'm not like that." Why? Because they *are* like that, they revere said homicidal maniac as a prophet, and consider his hate and violence filled words as 'perfect and unalterable'. So, by their act of continued membership in the cult of islam, they in effect support such atrocities. And when asked to remove the hate and incitement to violence from their scriptures, what do they say? They say, "This is part of our religion." Again, they are supporting atrocities such as this.

At the very least, every civilized country should remove the cult of islam from the list of recognized religions, unless they do in fact change their scriptures to align with civilized values. No more death for leaving the cult, no more death for criticizing or questioning the cult. No more hate, intolerance, female apartheid, support for slavery, and incitement to violence in their scriptures.

Of course that won't happen. Because their mouths are speaking lies, and they secretly support atrocities like this. 'By their acts shall ye know them', and their actions, and lack of actions, show their support. comment by usgoosht on Bombing Outside Girls' School In Afghan Capital Kills At Least 50 People May 10, 2021 6:28 PM [GMT]
It was boko haram! All these true members of the cult of islam are alike. Full of hate, intolerance, and violence, trying to force the world back into the dark ages.

Is it only the fascist and cult like nature [1] of islam that has allowed it to persist despite its complete abnegnation of civilized norms, and its cruel redefinition of religion? Given that, I can understand how members could knuckle under in cult of islam countries. But, how can anyone with a pretension to being civilized, and living in a civilized country where human rights are recognized, remain within the cult? Are they bipolar? Schizophrenic? Has all the humanity been burned out of them?

1. The homicidal founder of the cult declared that those who leave should be killed, and those who criticize or question the cult should also be killed. That's what makes it a cult. Once someone becomes a member of the cult, the cult owns their life. The problem is that the cult doesn't allow that those mandates can ever be changed. It declares its founder to be the last prophet, and 'perfect', and its scriptures to be 'perfect and unalterable'. Worse, it mandates any means up to and including killing other human beings as allowable to force everyone to become members of the cult. comment by usgoosht on At least 50 killed and over 100 wounded in blast near Kabul girls' school May 10, 2021 05:47 AM [GMT]
“We buried 37 bodies in one cemetery alone – all were female students, many wearing their black and white school uniform,” said Sharif Watandoost, a member of a volunteer group helping families bury victims. “Some had shrapnel wounds, some were burned, many had been torn apart.

What kind of people can perpetrate atrocities like this in the name of their deity? How can *anyone* consider this to be religion? Unfortunately, this is the true cult of islam, perpetrated by victims of its brainwashing that turns them into sociopaths. The fascist cult controllers just couldn't stand that these were potential escapees from the female apartheid of the cult of islam, and so killed them. Anyone paying attention can see the videos of members of the cult of islam just like this from all over the world.

And the fundamentalists / jihadis declare a 3 day ceasefire so they can perform their black magic rite / satanic ritual for eid al-fitr. A mass killing / unwilling lifetaking so that blood can flow across altars in honor of satan; how fitting for the cult of islam, with its homicidal founder and its scriptural hate, intolerance, and incitement to violence. Members of the cult of islam across the world have been looking forward to the bloodshed, the trademark of the cult of islam throughout its history. They don't feel like true members of the cult unless they kill. Their mouths say allah, but their actions are all shaitan.

This has been going on for 1400 years. When will it end? How can civilized people continue to tolerate this cult or its actions?

This atrocity is sad, but even sadder is that there are truly pious people who are members of the cult. They will never find their true path, because the cult is a false path, and so their lives will be wasted; warped, twisted, and stunted by this destructive, dysfunctional cult.

Watch the mealy mouthed members of the cult of islam come out of the woodwork denying this is the true cult. And yet, they continue to go to the mosques and revere their homicidal prophet and honor the hate literature he produced. Hypocrites. comment by usgoosht on Taliban declares three-day Eid ceasefire after Afghanistan school bomb attacks May 10, 2021 05:26 AM [GMT]
I suppose you could call such mistrust by blacks racism on their part. But it is probably more just ignorance.

What is the take-up among blacks in the middle class and above, the intelligencia of blacks? I would guess it is probably the same as among other races. It is the black underclass, raised by poor, uneducated, single mothers under state dependency, who I would guess are rejecting vaccination.

I've also read that there is a large age difference between those who take the vaccine (older) and those who don't (younger). Perhaps that plays into it. comment by usgoosht on Covid: Black leaders blame lower vaccine take-up on racism May 6, 2021 04:18 AM [GMT]
It's Mr Biden's fault that it is taking so long! He isn't doing enough!

Oh, wait, I would only read that if Mr Trump was still in office. Is anyone else surprised at the change in the coverage of covid by the mainstream media since Mr Biden took office?

Constant gloom and doom under Mr Trump, upbeat and hopeful under Mr Biden. I wonder if this is deliberate or if it is subconscious behavior? Are journalists now part of the state propaganda apparatus? Do they recognize themselves as such?

Whatever happened to 'just the facts, ma'am, just the facts'. I suppose it never was, just another American meme. comment by usgoosht on CDC: Virus could be under control in U.S. by this summer May 6, 2021 04:11 AM [GMT]
How ignorant can someone be? This is as ignorant as the cult of islam nurses in Pakistan who occupied a church in Pakistan for cult of islam prayers because of the cartoons mocking mohammed in France.

Of course, the cult of islam nurses have some justification because their cult praises oppression of other religions, and violent acts against them, so they have been brainwashed from birth to act the way they did.

In the US, though, people are supposed to celebrate individual rights and freedoms, and shoulder responsibility for upholding them. The person who did this failed to do that. comment by usgoosht on 'We need to feel safe where we live': Two Asian women stabbed in downtown San Francisco, police say; suspect arrested May 6, 2021 04:03 AM [GMT]
At least they are mentioning the cult of islam and its destructive, dysfunctional nature even if they aren't yet willing to condemn it, and ban it.

The cult of islam will not change. It teaches that it is the final and perfect religion for all mankind, and that its scriptures are perfect and unalterable. Those scriptures are hate literature. The cult of islam is the only major religion to consider killing another human being an act of worship in its scriptures. The cult of islam is the only major religion to designate women as inferior to men, and always subject to the dominion of men in its scriptures. The cult of islam is the only major religion to sanctify slavery in its scriptures. In short, the cult of islam has no place in civilized countries.

Ban the cult! comment by usgoosht on Safe Sweden faces up to wave of women's killings May 6, 2021 03:53 AM [GMT]

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