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When people I don't agree with use disinformation campaigns, they are evil and manipulative. Whey people I agree with use disinformation campaigns they are plucky and savvy.

Ha ha ha. comment by usgoosht on An 'Army of 16-Year-Olds' Takes On the Democrats May 20, 2021 3:13 PM [GMT]
This is what happens when people are too stupid to use birth control. In his case, he comes from a country under the thumb of the destructive, dysfunctional cult of islam, so he has two strikes against him. comment by usgoosht on Young migrant uses plastic bottles to stay afloat as he tries to reach Ceuta May 20, 2021 3:10 PM [GMT]
Guess they're adhering to the guidelines of the disinformation campaign and not using ivermectin. Nothing like sacrificing your population for pharma profits.

Don't believe me? Search for data on ivermectin use against covid, and come to your own conclusions. My opinion? Leaning more and more to assigning criminal behavior on the part of regulatory agencies in their treatment of ivermectin.

Why? Money. Ivermectin is off patent, so costs about $5 a dose (~12 mg). Two daily sequential doses, then one a week provides prophylaxis. Five daily sequential doses ends an infection in most cases. The Pfizer vaccine costs ~$95. And the large pharma companies want to market patented anti virals at high prices. Think on the difference between using cheap off patent ketamine or the expensive patented drug from J&J for depression.

People have the mistaken idea that pharmaceutical companies want to develop drugs to cure diseases. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is no money in that. Pharma wants to develop drugs that keep chronic conditions in abeyance without curing them, so that there is a steady stream of revenue. Think beta blockers, traditional depression drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, etc. Healthy people don't create revenue streams.

That's business, and nothing wrong with that. But it means that society has to think about them differently than if they were like doctors are supposed to be, dedicated to curing disease. Today, most doctors have become adjuncts of the pharma business model, prescribing drugs that don't cure chronic conditions, just hold them mostly in check.

So, to get back to Malaysia's situation, there are several examples from around the world of using ivermectin in this situation to bring the situation under control. Mexico city is a great example. If the authorities care about their population, they will ignore the guidelines from the compromised health agencies and follow that example. comment by usgoosht on Malaysia sees another record in COVID-19 infections, deaths May 20, 2021 3:07 PM [GMT]
No anger for the cult of islam, and its fascist jihadi agents, Hamas, who initiated this conflict instead of spending the money on food, shelter, infrastructure, health, education, and, something urgently required if half the population is children, birth control? comment by usgoosht on In Gaza, grief, destruction and all the anger of the universe May 18, 2021 4:10 PM [GMT]
Excellent! This means the war on civil rights (also known as the war on drugs) will be ending. It is one long, sordid, tale of destruction of civil rights, so it has to be one of his top priorities if his focus is civil rights. I can hardly wait. The prisons will empty, and gangs will disappear from all those neighborhoods where they are the main occupation, and their main business is selling illicit drugs. A new day in America! Not to mention the end of the narco terrorists in Mexico, with their corruption peddling in the US, and their endless breaches of the porous border with Mexico to sell their product.

Finally, a return to an America where people take responsibility for their own decisions, and when they make bad decisions, suffer the consequences.

One would not expect an initiative like this from Democrats, since they are usually into telling people how to live their lives, and then forcing them to do so, but as the story said, 'no more protecting people from themselves' is a major break with the past, a clean start. comment by usgoosht on Bidens attorney general puts domestic terror and civil rights at top of agenda May 18, 2021 3:43 PM [GMT]
More dark comedy from the cult of islam, the fascist role playing game. Its founder was way ahead of his time when he invented a dark, nihilistic massive reality role playing game. He invested it with plenty of hate and violence, intricate but meaningless rituals, and lots of fun costumes for players to use. He gave some of the players authority to kill other players if they threaten to leave or question the game design. Madness and mayhem galore, enough blood and death to satisfy even the most jaded player. Slavery, female apartheid, absurd mythology, all add to the allure for many players. comment by usgoosht on Pakistan police foil mob attempt to lynch blasphemy suspect May 18, 2021 3:31 PM [GMT]
Nah, doesn't add up. A narrative creating evidence for itself. The change of guard in the US, with the US resuming aid to the Palestinians, is the trigger. That money, was either funneled into arms, or replaced other money that was then funneled into arms.

Or, perhaps it is the usual bad actors in the gulf, the wealthy individuals and states that fund jihadis. Because of the teaching by the koran that supporting jihad is second only to fighting and killing unbelievers in jihad in the eyes of allah as a measure of being a good member of the cult of islam. They see Mr Biden as weak, and decided to exploit that weakness.

And it doesn't hurt their cause that the jihad squad in congress has a stronger position now, either. comment by usgoosht on After Years of Quiet, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Exploded. Why Now? May 17, 2021 1:58 PM [GMT]
It is suspicious to me that Mr Biden resumed US aid to the Palestinians, and then just a few months later, after years of dormancy, the fundamentalists who run Gaza can afford to engage in warfare. Was the aid hijacked by the jihadis? Or did the US knowingly fund an arms build up in Gaza?

Think of all the vaccinations, the health care, the education, that could have been provided by the money wasted on armaments by Hamas. Are the people of Gaza really so full of hate they would cut off their nose to spite their face? Or are they under the control of the jihadi face of the fascist cult of islam? comment by usgoosht on Joe Biden feels political ground shift as Israel-Gaza conflict rages on May 17, 2021 1:46 PM [GMT]
Only if they agree to reject the cult of islam. That should be the policy for all migrants from nations where the cult of islam holds sway. People in those nations who reject, or only want to reject, the cult of islam are at risk of death from fascist cult zealots enforcing its doctrines of death for apostasy and death for blasphemy.

Regular members of the cult who flee their sharia paradises and don't reject the cult are only economic migrants. And they appreciate the freedom of the US so little that they refuse to leave the cult, even though it is diametrically opposed to those freedoms. comment by usgoosht on Opinion: As US leaves Afghanistan, it must fulfill its obligation to interpreters May 15, 2021 5:26 PM [GMT]
The Palestinians should convert to Judaism. comment by usgoosht on What Does A Path Forward Look Like For Israel And Palestinians? May 15, 2021 5:20 PM [GMT]

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