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Share Your Content On

Adding the button below will make it easy for your users to share content on

The button should be placed on the article page, or within a list of articles.

When a user clicks the button they will come to news spider. If the corresponding article is found in our database, the user will see the article page. If the corresponding article is not found, the user will see a form which will allow them to submit the article.

Notes about the HTML code

  • Replace [URL] with the full URL of the article to be shared. This should be the permanent URL on your site where the article can be viewed.
  • Replace [TITLE] with the title of the article to be shared.
  • [URL] and [TITLE] are required variables and should be URL encoded to ensure the values are submitted properly. If either variable is omitted, the article will not be shared.

URL Encoding

Non-alphanumeric characters in the variables should be encoded into their hexadecimal values in order for the browser to pass them correctly. A few examples are as follows:

Click here for more information about URL encoding.

If you have questions or need assistance please contact us via email at